About the Ghosts

This whole game is about sucking up ghosts. There are 5 different types of ghosts. These ghost types are arranged from easiest to suck up to hardest to suck up.     

The 1st type of ghost is easy suck ghost. They are the easiest ghosts to suck up. They come in 5 colors(red, pink, purple, blue, and yellow) and 4 shapes(mouse shaped, spikeball shaped, fruit bat shaped, and vampire bat shaped).

The 2nd type of ghost is the cash ghost. These ghosts launch ?,000s of dollars after they have been sucked up. There are 2 types of cash ghosts. The 1st type of cash ghost is the phantom cash ghost. The 2nd type of cash ghost is the easy off cash ghost. It is one of the mouse shaped ghosts. It is gold colored.

The 3rd type of ghost is the phantom ghost. The phantom ghosts are the ghosts that try to attack you. They come in various colors and do various attacks.

The 4th type of ghost is the galery ghost. The galery ghosts have their own personal games, and attacks that you have to get through.

The 5th type of ghost is the boss ghost. The boss ghosts bring you to an arena to battle them at. Avoid the ghosts' attacks, then do whatever it takes to expose their heart, and finaly suck them up. Repeat if needed,